What Mens Boots to Buy

Use this guide to find a pair of quality leather mens boots you’ll love and can afford. Answer these two simple questions to make a great decision buying mens boots.

How do you dress?

Your personal style and how you dress is the most important factor in choosing the perfect boot. You want the want the boots you purchase to mesh with your look and not sit unworn in your closet. Keep in mind these are simply recommendations for styles of boots fit certain styles of dress- not rules that cannot be broken.



How much are you willing to spend?

Boots and shoes vary greatly in price. One can pay as little as $20 for a pair of functional, unfashionable, and poorly constructed boots or over $2000 for a pair of bespoke, handmade exotic leather boots.


Up to about $400, the more you spend on a boot will get you a better quality boot in terms of construction, leather, looks, and longevity. After that price you are spending the money on design details, minor finishing improvements, or brand.

That said, not everyone can or will want to spend that much on a pair of footwear. As a general guide, as you look for boots that fit your style, here are some attributes you can expect in given price ranges. Note: there are exceptions to every one of these ranges.

  • <$100
    • cemented/glued construction
    • corrected grain leather
    • manufactured in low cost country
    • poor finishing
    • poor quality control
  • $100 – $400
    • blake stitched or goodyear welt construction
    • full grain or other quality leather
    • manufactured in first or second world
    • good finishing, stitching, creasing, details
    • good quality control
  • $400 – $800
    • stitchdown or goodyear welt construction
    • full grain leather from known tanneries
    • manufactured in first world
    • near perfect finishing, stitching, details
    • great quality control
  • >$800
    • goodyear or hand welted construction
    • very selectively clicked or exotic leather
    • manufactured by high skilled craftsmen in first world
    • unique details, designs,
    • near perfect quality control

Fit and Sizing

A quality pair of mens boots that fit your style and budget are only as good as they fit your foot. While many online tools offer the ability to compare boots or shoes you are about to purchase with shoes you already own, this is not usually a great substitute for trying boots on in person. Everyone’s feet are different and with manufacturers all using different shoe lasts and construction methods, sizing becomes even more difficult.